10 May 2015

Aerin Lauder in Beach Magazine

As much as I like to think I've developed my own signature sense of style and try to refrain from directly copying others, isn't our personal style really just a combination of our influences? One person whose style I'd love to have rub off on me is Aerin Lauder. I developed a serious girl crush on this woman years ago after reading a feature on her in Vogue and ever since I've held such admiration for her career, her fashion choices and her beautiful homes. I ran across these new-to-me images of her beautifully set blue and white table on Pinterest recently and had to find the source-- Beach Magazine. 

While searching, I also found the above image of Aerin riding her bicycle in the Hamptons from another Beach feature. All three of these photos exemplify her effortlessly elegant, refined sense of style that I love so much. They also make me anticipate summertime and daydream of leisurely bike rides at the coast wearing all white and a straw hat.

Some of my favorite items from Aerin's eponymous beauty and lifestyle brand:

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