27 May 2015

Pastel Hued Hair

When I visit my hairstylist, I always like to ask him what the latest hair trends are. This last time, he told me that the pastel trend is still going strong. He even suggested that I add some pastel highlights to my bob, maybe pink, lavender, or teal. My first reaction was to laugh as my mind traveled back to that summer at camp when my 15-year-old self spent an afternoon painting matching fuchsia streaks onto the hair of myself and my cabin-mates. A decade later, I'm not eager to repeat those days. Plus I've always considered colorful hair a form of rebellion; could it possibly look sophisticated?

My hairstylist went on to describe some recent clients he'd transformed with this new line of pastel hair dyes. He may not have converted me that evening, but later that night I found myself perusing Pinterest for examples and as I scrolled, I began to like what I saw. I fully admit to being behind the trend on this one-- according to one article I saw, the look was the hair trend of 2014, thanks to Kelly Osbourne and Katy Perry. I guess I just needed to see the right examples in order to be convinced. I don't know that I'll be rocking these hues anytime soon, but these images have me feeling awfully tempted!

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What are your thoughts on pastel hair? A passing trend or here to stay? Have you seen any great examples personally?

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