Welcome to Bricolage! My name is Bri, and I am a twenty-seven year old happily married lady with a love for stylish living. I've spent most of my life living in central California, but after a stint living in Maryland, the East Coast holds half of my heart. In college I studied Art History and English Literature, but I've always been completely enchanted by the world of fashion.

When I'm not blogging on this little corner of the Internet, I'm either working away on ERLŪM, the knitwear line I co-founded, or adventuring with my husband of five years and our labradoodle pup, Brinkley. (Note: Sometimes "adventuring" is code for cuddling on the couch watching Netflix.)

Some of my favorite things are traveling to new places, baking, peonies, afternoon tea, black and white stripes, October through December, and gardening. Some women I admire are Audrey Hepburn, Anna Wintour, Martha Stewart, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, Joanna Gaines, Aerin Lauder, Jenna Lyons, Lauren Santo Domingo and Nancy Drew. I'm a dreamer, a bookworm, a Francophile, an old soul, a night owl, an over-analyzer, and the most curious people watcher.


I founded Bricolage in September of 2010 with the intention of sharing all things I find stylish and visually inspiring with a community of people who share my love of fashion and stylish living. After wrapping up my wedding blog and moving across country, I felt isolated from people who shared common interests and was seeking a happy little place to explore my purpose and future path while celebrating the things that I love. I titled my blog Bricolage because ever since I stumbled upon the term during an Art Theory course in college, it's been my favorite word. Its definition: "something constructed or created from a diverse range of available things." (The concept speaks to my resourceful, vintage-loving soul and who doesn't love a word with one's name hidden in it?) I consider this blog my own personal inspiration collage, and in a sense, I view blogging itself as a form of bricolage. I truly believe that the happiest people in life are not those who have the best of everything, but those who make the best of everything. I think you can also apply this idea to the most "stylish" people. 


Thanks so much for stopping by! If you'd like to partner with Bricolage through advertising, giveaways, etc., or if you have questions or something stylish to share, send me an e-mail!