30 April 2015

Summer Ready Sandals

Years ago, my in-laws brought me back the cutest pair of silver sandals from Santorini, unknowingly introducing me to a new obsession-- Greek sandals. In Greece, they make the most beautiful handcrafted sandals. The designs are perfectly minimalist and the quality stands the test of time. For years I dreamed of owning more pairs, until I eventually made it to Greece for the first time on our Mediterranean Cruise last year. After passing stall after stall of sandals, I found a brown pair to bring home for about $25. And I only bought one pair, because apparently I am crazy. With no plans to return to Greece anytime soon (I wish!), I'm at least thankful to see that Greek-inspired styles are trending right now, though for more than $25. (Once again, I am crazy!) So there's a lesson here, if you ever go to Greece, stock up on sandals! And send a pair my way! Now that warm weather is here to stay, here are some sandals I'm dreaming of right now:

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