09 September 2014

Girl With The Pearl Earring

I would definitely call the "Mise En Dior" Tribal Earring the "It" fashion accessory this season. These earrings are popping up everywhere, from being spotted on some of my favorite celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson to making several appearances on my Pinterest feed. I'm not a girl who jumps on every trend that comes around, but when it comes to these, I'm obsessed. I always love a modern take on an old classic. And for a pearl-loving girl like myself, I think this fun update is just right!

I've heard that the original Dior versions are impossible to track down right now, plus to spend $290 on costume jewelry, you better be in some serious love. I had a feeling there'd be knockoffs popping up, and I was correct! Here are some alternate options I've found to get the look: