08 September 2014

Fashion Week Favorites, Spring 2015 RTW: Tadashi Shoji

Every September and February, I anxiously await the arrival of Fashion Week. Even though September's shows focus on Spring, to me they herald that we've finally made it to Fall! The sense of excitement leading up to Fashion Week slowly builds as the Instagram accounts of my favorite designers and bloggers light up with model fittings, sneak peaks, and migrations to NYC. By the time Day 1 begins, my husband is already prepared for this new priority to temporarily become forefront in my life. I usually stay up long after he goes to bed, eyes glued to my laptop, taking in the day's shows. As much as I love it, for the sake of me functioning properly in my day to day life, it's a good thing not every week is Fashion Week!

One of my early favorites this season was Tadashi Shoji. This collection was inspired by Venice, specifically Ca' d'Oro, the golden palace that sits on the Grand Canal. And after falling in love with Venice for the first time myself, just a couple months ago, I couldn't be happier to be transported there again!

This theme could easily have gone cliché, but managed to stay far from it, with the whole collection bathed in the same warm glow and air of class as the beautiful old city itself. These clothes are straight out of a period movie, in the best way possible. Highlights for me were the opulent details like delicately embroidered tulle and the lace capes worn as evening outerwear. The lace and that shimmering gold added to a color palette of black and blush will serve as inspiration for me this fall and winter. After viewing this collection, I not only felt like I was in Venice, but that I'd arrived at an elegant Venetian ball back in the city's heyday. I only wish I could linger there all night long! Just magical!

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