09 September 2014

Fashion Week Favorites, Spring 2015 RTW: Kate Spade

Every season, I find myself looking forward to Kate Spade's Fashion Week presentation. Fans can always count on Kate Spade for a fun collection that serves as a happy little respite when Fashion Week starts to feel too fashion-y.  

The theme of the Spring 2015 collection was "Escape The Ordinary." Featured looks celebrated those extra hours of leisure we like to squeeze in during spring and summer months. The Kate Spade team even went so far as to bring nature indoors, welcoming attendees with the summery scent of freshly cut grass, squares of which had been installed in the gallery space. Complete with PVC visors, wicker handbags and tropical straw hats shining in the accessories category, these looks recall simpler, more care-free times. 

Image sources: Kate Spade New YorkStyle.com

Always up for a little getaway, I often mention how much I enjoy when a collection transports me to another place and time. Viewing Kate Spade's Spring '15 collection feels like a long weekend in the Hampton's, complete with a perfectly manicured tennis court and some time spent lounging by a swimming pool. Considering that I've been spending most days longing for fall as of late, I can't believe that one collection is enough to make me just a little sad to leave the summer months behind. I'm still ready for fall but Kate Spade, I'm sure glad you'll be there waiting come spring!

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