16 January 2011

What Would I Wear... On the Open Road?

Anthropologie's new catalog is road trip themed, and looking through it is bringing back so many wonderful memories from our recent drive from California to Maryland.  I'd always heard people say that a cross-country road trip is something that no one should go through life without experiencing.  And after some first-hand experience, I would most definitely have to agree!


As much as I love the concept behind the beautiful photos that Anthro put together, I'm honestly not feeling the styling of the "road trip" outfits displayed on their web site.  So here's one that I put together using all items currently sold at Anthropologie.  


(Left: My idea of a great road trip outfit.  Right: Me at an Indian trading post in Arizona, August 2010) To see more photos from our road trip, visit my flickr set!

There are few times I've felt as free and optimistic as I felt in the middle of nowhere on I-40.  So if you ever find yourself in the same spot, why not dress as free as you feel?  A good way to start is always mixing prints! 

If you were to hit the road right now and leave life as you know it behind, where would you go? What would you wear? Thanks for the inspiration as usual, Anthro! :)