18 January 2011

Celebrating Six Years of "Brandon & Bri"

On January 16, 2005, Brandon and I went to dinner and a movie.  (Macaroni Grill and Phantom of the Opera.)  It didn't feel like anything out of the ordinary, since as "best friends," we did this sort of thing all the time, never considering these outings "real dates."  Well, the drive home was pretty quiet, and once we'd pulled up in front of my family's house, right there in his blue Dodge Ram truck, Brandon asked me to be his girlfriend.  I didn't hesitate before answering yes.  Even though it wasn't expected, it just felt right.  And six years later, it still feels right! :)


Around the time we started dating

On Sunday night, we celebrated our "dating anniversary," appropriately, with dinner and a movie of course! (This time, Federal House and The King's Speech.)  Although the time has probably come for us to start counting wedding anniversaries, rather than dating ones, I don't have any intention of discontinuing this annual tradition.  It's always nice to have a reason to celebrate!


Before our 6th Anniversary Date