13 January 2011

New Year's {Anti}Resolution

Happy New Year, dear blog readers!  (I apologize that I'm two weeks late!)


Why can't I get invited to stylish New Year's parties? 
(No offense if I've gone to your New Year's party before...) 

January tends to bring with it such a wonderful sense of newness.  Love that about it.  However, one New Year's tradition I'm not participating in this year is making resolutions.  I'm all about aspiring to better one's self.  Of course I try my best to be more kind, more wise, more generous, etc.  What kind of person doesn't aim to be a better friend, a better spouse, a better human being in general?  But when it comes to so-called "New Year's resolutions," I find that every time I make one, I break it.

Examples of past resolutions:  Don't spend money on clothes.  Drink less coffee.  Master P90X.  So... in analyzing this pattern, I am beginning to realize that "fixing" these little things isn't so important after all.   In fact, most of these little issues are part of what makes me who I am.  This year, it's time to embrace them!  I mean, who can blame a girl for browsing the J.Crew sale rack now and then?  And my daily cup(s) of coffee totally brightens my morning!  And come on, have you ever tried to master P90X?  Face it, it's not going to happen!  I'm pretty proud of myself when I fit a short run and some yoga sessions into 90 days...

In conclusion, meet my very first "anti-resolution:"

*Don't buy flowers!  I do a lot of skimping and saving.  Finishing college and getting married last year brought me into a whole new, practical stage of life.  We don't buy water bottles anymore, we use a Brita pitcher!  Seriously... when I go grocery shopping, I've even started buying the store brands!  I'm constantly saving money and looking out for the environment.  So why do I act like I can't afford to pay $7.99 for that freshly-cut bouquet of white tulips at Whole Foods?  This year, 2011, I vow to buy a bouquet of flowers whenever I feel like it!  Because after how hard I work, I deserve them!  Life is short!  And who defines a "need" verses a "want" anyways? ;)

Flowers on our coffee table

Check out this week's alstroemeria!  All of a sudden, $4.89 seems like a small price to pay for all the pleasure these have brought me!

What's your "anti-resolution for 2011?"