27 December 2010

NYC, There's Something About You!

Thanks to my crazy work marathon these past few weeks, I've really been slacking in the blog department. So let's rewind back to early December.  In the midst of some late night Googling, I had a moment of spontaneity in which I booked Brandon and I a little trip up to New York. I've always wanted to see the city at Christmas, and once I'd booked our train tickets and hotel, I could barely contain my excitement!  We had so much fun, but can you say freeeeezing??

In the Village

View of Rockefeller Plaza from the window at Kenneth Cole


I won't post all of my pictures on here, (although they are posted on Flickr if you have the time to go all stalker status...)  What I am going to post are some great window displays that really caught my design eye.  After mapping out a route past all of the department stores and a few of my other favorites, I forced Brandon to take a Christmas display walking tour with me.  I must say that in my opinion, the winner this year, hands down, was absolutely Bergdorf's.

Bergdorfs Display

Bergdorfs Display

Bergdorfs Display

Seriously.  Art.  I would so love to get to design these displays.  (I mean, I'm sure that realistically those people are under a ridiculous amount of pressure, but what fun!)

A girl can dream... can't she?