11 December 2012

House Tour, The Bedrooms (November 2012)

I've fallen behind on our November house tour, mostly because we've been so busy working on the house. Also, so much has changed since I took these photos that posting them feels a bit like old news. However, I'll try to keep on keeping on, because even though these photos may be less than glamorous, I recognize the importance of capturing the in-between stages of a project. Looking back at the before photos helps me to appreciate the final product so much more! I'm so glad you're enjoying the messy part so far! Today, I'm going to share our two bedrooms. First, the master bedroom:

In the master bedroom, we removed the carpet, popcorn ceiling, and drapes, and added crown molding, fresh paint, and a new fan. Pretty basic, but to me, this is a good example of how few changes you need to make to completely change the look of a room! Since these photos were taken, we've added floors, some new windows, and plantation shutters to both the master bedroom and the guest bedroom. Speaking of the guest bedroom....

All we have left to do in the bedrooms is add baseboards, and then they will be finished! Thanks again for following along and sharing your homes and house-related wisdom with me!