19 November 2012

House Tour, The Living Room (November 2012)

First of all, let me preface this by saying that these "after" pictures are more like "in progress" photos, or "after demo" photos. We still have a long way to go before our new house is move-in-ready, but we're feeling very excited about the progress we're making so far!

In the front living room, we started out by stripping the popcorn ceilings and removing the carpet. We planned on stripping the ceilings ourselves, but found a great deal, so ended up having that done professionally. We removed the carpets ourself, with help from our family! Next, we painted the walls and ceiling Benjamin Moore "Timid White" and had crown molding installed. We removed the retro entry light fixture and replaced it with a flush mount crystal one. We also added an overhead light fixture in the living room, but it's been hung since I took these most recent photos, so you'll have to wait to see that until next month. (It's a bit more stylish than the lightbulb you can see hanging in its place.) We have chosen to keep the wrought iron railing in this room, so that will be reattached once the floors are in. Since we are already changing so much about the house, we're making an effort to keep some of the retro details intact.

Excuse the ugly drapes that are still hanging in the "after" pictures. Their sliding mechanism is broken so we have them rigged closed until the new window coverings are delivered!)

We're dying to see how the new floors will transform this room and the whole house. We've chosen a durable laminate that looks like mahogany. This is a pretty large room, so I have lots of thinking to do regarding furniture layout. Eventually, I'd like the far wall to be covered in bookshelves. The only plan that's set in stone so far is the Christmas tree I can't wait to place right in front of that big window! By the time I show you this room again next month, the floors, baseboards and window coverings should be in place. Thanks for following along with my house tour posts. Any questions or tips are welcome and encouraged!


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