03 October 2012

New Homeowners!

Sooo, big news-- we bought a house!!! I never imagined that I'd say that before I was at least thirty years old, but the timing felt right and the price felt right, so here we are! We picked up the keys on Monday night, and are still caught up in the surreality of what it means to own our home. No one else has the keys to that house but us. If we break something, it's our problem to fix. The realizations keep gradually settling in. I can't wait to share our cute little 1960's house with you guys! It has two bedrooms, two baths, a giant backyard, and a whole lot of vintage charm. We're taking a few weeks to make renovations before moving in, so there are many decisions, frustrations and messes ahead, but I really have a vision of this becoming the perfect house for us! Definitely feeling a new chapter of life coming on! Hopefully you're up for some house and decorating posts in the future?