08 October 2012

Gossip Girl Is Back Tonight! { Season 5 Fashion Highlights }

Happy Monday! Thank you so much for your congratulatory comments on my last post! Home ownership is already such a crazy adventure. It's been just one week since we got the keys and we are already in full-on remodel/demo mode! My life is currently feeling pretty hectic, between long days at work and all my free time spent working on the house, but of course I'm carving some time out tonight for the season premiere of Gossip Girl! I know I've addressed my not-so-guilty pleasure on the blog before, but it's been a while, so I thought I'd update my favorite GG fashion moments with my favorite looks from season 5!  **Previous season spoilers ahead!!**

1. Princess Blair may not have been meant to be, but I loved the hat/fascinator obsession that period inspired! 

2. The Vera Wang bridesmaid dresses at the Royal Wedding were perfection. If those dresses had been available at David's Bridal at the time of my wedding, I definitely would have considered them-- or at least worn one to my rehearsal dinner!

3. Speaking of the wedding, Blair's first Vera Wang gown was a highlight for me. I liked it much better than the one she ended up wearing in the wedding. 

4. Even though I'm partial to Blair's style, I absolutely loved how Serena looked in this gold gown.

5. These are my favorite dresses Blair wore to events in Season 5. I would absolutely love to wear the Dior dress with the bow that she wore to her shower!

6. Last but not least, this tribute to Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn might be one of my favorite TV moments ever. Once again, you know I love Audrey/Blair, but doesn't Serena make the most stunning Marilyn?

The season premiere will feel a little bittersweet, since we know it's the final season. But I still can't get enough of my favorite Upper East-Siders and still get crazy butterflies and teary eyes over Chuck and Blair, so I absolutely can't wait for this season to begin! Here's to another season of beautiful clothes and overly-dramatic plot twists filmed in my favorite city! Any other Gossip Girl fans out there? What are your thoughts on the upcoming season? How do you hope everything will turn out in the end?