22 September 2012

Words for the Weekend { Be A First Rate Version of Yourself }

Thanks so much to those of you who filled out my blog survey! Your responses were really so helpful to me as I consider the future of this blog. Something I've been thinking about lately is authenticity and what it means, for me personally, to be true to myself. From bloggers to entrepreneurs, there are so many successful women out there who I am inspired to emulate. But I find that even though it's important to have role models, the more I try to follow someone else's path, the more lost I feel. I have my own deep-rooted ideas and dreams and I'm realizing that these natural instincts are the urges I need to pay the most attention to. The people who I look up to most didn't get where they are now by trying to be just like somebody else. They spent years, sometimes even decades of their lives, working hard to become the best possible version of themselves.

Recently, I experienced a bit of an 'a-ha' moment while reading an article on Diana Vreeland in Wall Street Journal Magazine. She didn't even begin her career until she was 30 and reached the most influential period of her career while in her 60s. At 23, I don't know why I feel such an urgency to be at the pinnacle of my life. Sometimes I start to panic when I realize that I have yet to discover my life's work, and I fear that I've passed up all the opportunities I was supposed to take. (And yes, I know, I really need to calm down.) The above quote by Judy Garland, I feel, is a worthy aspiration for this season of my life. If I take life one step at a time, while simply trying to be a "first-rate version" of myself, life stops feeling so overwhelming!

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