29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding


Of course I dragged myself out of bed after only three hours of sleep last night to watch the royal wedding live.  And I must say, it was worth every minute of exhaustion I experienced later on throughout the day.  Curled up by myself on the couch with my cup of tea, (I planned on making scones, but realized we were out of milk,) it couldn't have been a more peaceful morning.  I hate to be cheesy, but I couldn't keep myself from tearing up every few minutes just out of the sheer magic of it all. My favorite parts were watching the guests trickle into the Abbey topped with those fabulous hats, the first glimpse of Catherine's perfect-beyond-imagination dress, and just the raw, human moments sprinkled throughout.

Kate's family is so charming, the camaraderie between William and Harry so real, and the love between the couple so relatable. I just found the quick glances and whispered remarks between the couple, family, and wedding party to be so touching!  I love that William joked with Kate's dad at the altar: "This was supposed to be just a small family affair." I love that Kate did her own makeup, (a true DIY bride afterall!)  I loved the amazing sermon, (which every married or engaged person should read) by the Bishop of London! I just loved loved loved it all so much, I feel like I could watch it over and over again on DVD! William and Catherine forever!! (Don't worry, I promise to never be as embarrassingly excited over this as I was today.) :)

Anyway, make sure to check out the predictions I made for the wedding over on Weddingbee.  They ended up being pretty far from accurate, but I had fun imagining the details!  After today, however, I must say that no one could have planned it better than William and Kate!


(I'm a nerd. I make royal wedding collages.)

Who else woke up early to watch?  What was the most memorable moment for you?