01 October 2012

How to Jazz Up Your Friends' Inboxes with Kate Spade

I will forever advocate for paper stationery over Facebook invites, but one e-card I can definitely stand behind is Paperless Post. (I discovered them while frantically trying to send out some last minute bachelorette party invitations last year.) Paperless Post is basically the most charming way you can send a card without actually mailing a card. The card pops up on your loved one's screen, appearing like real paper, in a stamped and addressed envelope with a coordinating envelope liner! I just stumbled across their new collection by Kate Spade and I am obsessed! Click here to join Paperless Post and start spreading some cheer!


  1. Well heck yes I'll sign up! More coins for you :) This is fantastic; I received invitations to an engagement party that might have been from here. it was so cute! Only complaint is that it gets caught in my work spamfilter, which is a bummer. But worth the try!

    1. Brittany- Haha, thanks! I'll take all the coins I can get! That's too bad they go to spam. I think I'll stick to sending e-cards for fun hellos and stuff rather than important invitations!

  2. I love Paperless Post! So cute! I just want to send e-cards to everyone I know now.