21 January 2012

Words for the Weekend { Let Go }

We are officially settled back into California life, and I spent the past week job hunting. I've found myself thinking a lot about the fresh possibilities and unthought of opportunities that unemployment presents, and getting really excited and curious about the future. Does anyone have an uplifting story to share about life not turning out as planned? Or about discovering a career better fit for you than what you'd dreamed of? I'd love to hear!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

And seriously, anyone want to hire me? ;)

1 comment:

  1. i'm still in school so I don't have much of a story to share just yet, but I do understand that exciting feeling that new opportunity can bring. I just recently wrote a post about hoping to fill my to do list with things that I *want* to be doing, instead of living life entirely out of obligation. That idea motivates me to find a job that thrills me instead of makes me dread the end of the weekend. Good luck :) I hope this new stage of life brings you great things.