Welcome to Bricolage, the ever-evolving inspiration board of Brianne Cain. Brianne holds a BA in Art History and spent her twenties working in the fashion industry and as a marketing and branding consultant for small businesses. After spending time living on both coasts, today Brianne is based in her central California hometown and enjoys having family and friends nearby.

A self-described "world traveler meets homebody," Brianne equally lives for planning the perfect itineraries to far-flung locales and watching Netflix on the couch, snuggled up with her husband Brandon, their labradoodle pup Brinkley, and a glass of red wine.


From Brianne: "I founded Bricolage in September of 2010. After graduating college, wrapping up my wedding blog, and moving across country, I felt isolated from people who shared common interests and was seeking a venue to explore my purpose while connecting with people and sharing things that I loved. Over the years, this little blog has seen me through multiple stages of my life and become a resource for living and traveling stylishly.

Why "Bricolage?" Ever since stumbling upon the term during an Art Theory course in college, it's been one of my favorite words. Its definition: "something constructed or created from a diverse range of available things." This concept speaks to my resourceful, vintage-loving soul, and who doesn't love a word with one's name hidden in it?


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