01 November 2018

November Mood

Can you believe that only two months remain in this year? November is my favorite month of all, so I'm determined to be thoroughly present in the weeks to come. Time passes so quickly when we flit from activity to activity without ever consciously slowing down. When I think of November, what comes to mind visually isn't a specific image, but a warm glow of light. Whether it's the golden hour before an early sunset, fall candles flickering around the house, or the first fireplace fire of the season; that warm and glow-y sort of light and all the cozy vibes that accompany it sure make up for the longer nights.

Similarly, November also summons up all the warm and fuzzy feelings for me emotionally. The Thanksgiving holiday brings family and close friends together around the table, where despite our differences, we feel an inexplicable pull of connection and belonging. It's a season when love and gratitude warm our hearts. Yet it's also important to be mindful of those whose lives lack love and belonging, and those who've experienced loss, as for many, this season emphasizes what's missing. The holiday season presents so many opportunities to bless and give and be light to those who need it. And I think we can all agree that this world could use a lot more kindness!

November To-Do's & Things To Look Forward To

 Voting in the Midterm Elections on November 6th!!
Quality time with family.
Celebrating Brandon's birthday.
Finally real sweater weather!
One of my best friends giving birth to her first baby!
New season of Outlander, (my Scotland obsession continues...)
Baking Thanksgiving pies.
Baking all the things I said I'd bake in October.
Putting up our Christmas tree after Thanksgiving.
Starting to shop for Christmas gifts. (By the way, any specific holiday gift guide requests?)

Happy November, friends! Sending love and light to you! xx