24 September 2018

Packing for Scotland

As the popular saying goes, "In Scotland, there's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes." Our recent trip confirmed this because although we had a fabulous time, we ended up wearing totally wrong clothes for the weather most days.

Typically, you can count on Scotland being rainy almost all of the time. Thankfully, it's usually more of a misty, drizzly sort of rain, rather than the pouring, ruin-your-day kind. But of course we managed to visit the Isle of Skye, usually known as the "Isle of Mist," during an unprecedented heat wave, with highs in the 90s! The best approach to packing for Scotland is to bring layers that mix and match easily. I put together this packing checklist based on my experience, the items I was glad I brought and the ones I wish I had.


one: Los Gatos Fleece Vest / two: Quilted Hooded Anorak / three: Houndstooth Tweed Blazer / four: Perfect Long-Sleeve T-Shirt / five: Authentic Breton Striped Shirt / six: Supersoft V-Neck T-Shirt / seven: Oversized Knitted Sweater / eight: Cable-Knit Mock-Neck Sweater / nine: Fair Isle Knitted Sweater / ten: Tretorn Lace-Up Sneakers / eleven: Short Packable Rainboots / twelve: Gucci Loafers / thirteen: Spinner Luggage Set / fourteen: Auto-Open J-Stick Umbrella / fifteen: Fringed Wool Scarf / sixteen: Any Day (Pixie) Pant / seventeen: Le Mini Corduroy Skirt / eighteen: Slim Boyfriend Jeans / nineteen: Large Le Pliage Tote / twenty: Smocked Floral Print Dress / twenty-one: Crossbody Pouch

This packing checklist should have you covered for a 1-2 week trip to Scotland during the late spring to early fall months. A couple notes I would add are to make sure you include a coat and cold-weather accessories if you're planning to visit during the winter. Also, I created this list with a well-rounded trip to the cities and countryside in mind. If you're planning more of an outdoorsy trip with intense hikes, you'll probably want to swap one of the pairs of shoes out for hiking boots and throw in some shorts, just in case. 

Finally, I had so much fun imagining this trip and its corresponding wardrobe that I just have to share some of the Scotland-inspired items that didn't make the cut, but I wish I were wearing right now. (So ready for fall weather!) If you're planning a trip to Scotland, I hope this post serves to inspire you and simplify your trip planning!

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