18 August 2018

Light Blue Cabinets

A home trend I've been really loving lately is light blue painted cabinets. Recently I've come across so many gorgeous kitchens and laundry rooms featuring this look on Pinterest and in home decor magazines. I think it's so fresh, elegant, and calming! Here are a few of my favorite inspiration images...

Of course these examples cause my mind to wander to how I could apply this look in my own home. I love an all-white kitchen, so it's not going to be in there. The option I'm currently leaning towards is painting our laundry room cabinets. You may remember that when we remodeled our house, I chose to install black and white tiled flooring in the laundry room, which I love, but after all this time, I still haven't come up for a final concept for that room.

I'm hesitating because I'm thinking that the combination of checkered floors and colored cabinets could be too much going on. And if it's not just the right shade of blue, I can also see it looking a little retro 1950's, which isn't what I'm going for. But there's only a little bit of cabinetry in there, and I think if we add a marble countertop around the existing vintage utility sink, the end result could be just right...

What do you think, should I go for it? Let me know in a comment!

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