15 January 2016

Meg Ryan At Home in Porter Magazine

Like countless other children of the 90's, I desperately wanted to be Meg Ryan when I grew up. After seeing You've Got Mail, Kathleen Kelly became my style icon and from fourth grade through junior high, all I wanted to wear was a t-shirt tucked into relaxed khakis with a cardigan. Those days have since passed, although I do still envy her character's cozy Upper West Side apartment and sometimes daydream of owning a charming little children's bookstore in another life... 

Another thing that hasn't changed since the 90's- Meg Ryan is still one classy lady with serious style. I was so pleasantly surprised to run across this feature on her in the latest issue of Porter Magazine. 

Much like her care-free, confident outlook, Ryan's home in Martha's Vineyard is a giant breath of fresh air. Every room possesses the clean, airy aesthetic that we all crave come January. Bright natural light, shades of white, industrial farmhouse-inspired details, and clutter-free decor create a look that's as modern as it is timeless. I'd love to move right in! Meg, you're welcome to stay and be my roommate. Is that creepy? ;)