09 April 2015

Design Star: Acne Studios

For a recent project, I found myself diving into the world of fashion branding, only increasing my admiration for Acne Studios. Founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 1996, the luxury fashion house is part of ACNE, a creative collective focused on graphic design, film, production, and advertising. (The name ACNE stands for "Ambition to Create Novel Expression.) 

Acne Studios avoids traditional forms of advertising and marketing in favor of publishing a biannual magazine called Acne Paper, which covers art, fashion, photography, design, architecture, academia and culture. The level of aesthetic attention applied to every aspect of the brand is just so inspirational to a design enthusiast like myself. 

From the signage to the packaging to the hang tags, every detail is infused with style, reenforcing brand identity. When I encounter good design in everyday life, I can't help but smile-- imagine how lovely the world could be if everyone put as much care into the details!

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