17 September 2014

Fashion Week Favorites, Spring 2015 RTW: ODLR

Now I always love a little Oscar de la Renta, but this collection still managed to exceed my expectations. It included so many of my favorite things-- over the top pink florals, gingham, ostrich feathers, black and white, lace, Daphne (my favorite model,) the list goes on and on...

Truly a feast for the eyes-- the whole collection was bursting with femininity, youthfulness, and joie de vivre! It was difficult for me to narrow down my favorites-- I easily could have included all 56 looks. Fashion designers, like other artists, have the capacity to create new worlds for viewers to live in and when it comes to this, Oscar de la Renta truly has a gift! This particular one feels like a royal garden party meets My Fair Lady meets a Renoir painting. What I wouldn't give to be able to escape to this perfect little world on a whim! 

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