16 July 2012

My Year on Pinterest

About one year ago, I stumbled across Pinterest, and 1400 pins later, I guess you could say that I'm still hooked! Pinterest is such a convenient way to sift through beautiful images and discover fun new ideas.  It's a virtual pin board for storing and organizing inspiration; and unlike the old-fashioned bulletin board, it enables you to share your inspiration board with people who share your interests, and have access to the inspiration of people whose style you'd like to emulate. As an ode to Pinterest, I thought it would be a fun little Monday post to share my top 20 pins from the past year! (Based on which images got repinned the most times.)

1. Fashion Inspiration: Flouro Pink, J.Crew. One night, I pinned this random shot from a J.Crew Style Guide, and 187 people repinned it instantly! Pink is my favorite color to wear-- clearly, others agree!

2. Hair and Makeup: Crown of braids. My braiding skills aren't the best, but I've still been meaning to try this look!

5. Pretty Ladies: Ashley Olsen in a classic striped tee and a Panama hat. Who doesn't love a cute photo of a cute Olsen girl? 

6. Fashion Inspiration: hot pink + navy.  This was one of the first photos I remember seeing of a girl rocking colored denim, (successfully... in this decade.) Now they're everywhere! But once upon a time, these pink pants blew my mind. 

7. Words of Wisdom: "My peace I give to you, not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." John 14:27  An often-needed reminder that the peace that comes from God goes beyond any peace found in this world. 

8. Pretty Ladies: Twiggy. A rare photo of Twiggy, (at least I'd never seen it before!)

9. Hair & Makeup: Smokey eye tutorials. I think most girls dream of pulling this off one day...

10. Fashion Inspiration: Wendy of Wendy's Lookbook in a J.Crew dress she had customized with leather pockets.

11. Parties and Weddings: Moroccan-themed party. Inspiration for a colorful, Moroccan-themed party/table setting.

12. Fashion Inspiration: Dark green leggings, with tan, blush, and leopard. Chiara of The Blonde Salad, with some neutral outfit inspiration for fall.

13. Closet of My Dreams: Vera Wang flats are my absolute favorite! Love this pair in hot pink snakeskin! $175: Maybe the best part of looking back on the things I've admired in the last year-- everything's on sale now! These are now $122 in pink and $87 in yellow!

14. Flowers: Coral peony + turquoise vase. I still think this is such a beautiful and affordable look for party/wedding florals. 

15. Pretty Ladies: Ashley O: Two out of the top 20 are pictures of Ashley Olsen. Apparently we are big fans!

16. Food + Drink: Chocolate cups. Yum. These remind me of Willie Wonka!!

17. Fashion Inspiration: Sometimes the simplest outfits are the most transfixing. 

18. Men's Fashion: James Dean... Need I say more? ;) 

19. Pretty Ladies: Super cool photos of Elizabeth Olsen in Nylon Mag: Can you tell I'm a crazy Olsen fan yet? Elizabeth's acting debut was such a breath of fresh air this last year! She seems to not only have style and beauty, but true depth and substance. 

20. Pretty Ladies: Marilyn: I've always been more of an Audrey than a Marilyn, but after watching My Week with Marilyn recently, I find myself so interested in her tragic story. Such a beauty. 

If you don't already, come follow me on Pinterest! My most popular boards are Fashion Inspiration, Pretty Ladies, Hair and Makeup, Home Sweet Home, and Words of Wisdom. I love finding people who share my style and interests, so if I don't already follow you, make sure to leave your link! How did you discover Pinterest? Why do you love it?