24 July 2012

Anniversary Picnic at the Beach

We topped off our anniversary weekend with a picnic on the beach. This little outing was inspired by my desire to use my new picnic basket. After regretting not buying it a couple years ago at a Macy's in Hawaii, my mom surprised me by hunting it down on eBay and giving it to me for my birthday! (It's Martha Stewart, in case you're wondering. If you'd like to pick up a cute picnic basket without the eBay hunt, here are a few other cute ones I found!

Our only other picnic we've shared in our 7+ years together was in St. James Park in London on our honeymoon. Now that we have our very own basket, I definitely see this as a new tradition and am already envisioning many more picnics in our future! It makes for such a sweet, memorable, and affordable date!