24 April 2012

I Left My Heart in Annapolis

Considering how badly I was dying to move back to California at the beginning of this year, I think I've surprised myself by how often I find myself missing Maryland. I was getting more than a bit nostalgic this morning browsing through some photos of our life in Annapolis. Even though I hated our apartment most of the time, I miss it. And that's not all-- I miss my work friends, crab dip, giant margaritas at El Toro Bravo, "our bench" by the State House where we shared so many long talks and so much ice cream. I miss living in a walking city, and the view of the Navy Chapel from our backyard. Deep down, I know I don't regret moving back to the West Coast. It's just that Annapolis was the first place that felt like home to me, except, well... home. Anyways, here's my little tribute collage to Annapolis, or at least the stereotypical Annapolis girl! ;)

Do you have a city besides your hometown that fills you with nostalgia? Where is your second home?