29 February 2012

Item of the Week: Pink Pants

Colored pants are popping up everywhere this season, and as tempting as they may be as I wander past the windows of J.Crew and GAP, it's a trend I've been initially weary of-- mainly because of the nineties flashbacks. Brightly-hued denim conjures up a deluge of memories for me, from the days when back-to-school shopping involved an annual trip to J.C. Penney's where my mom would pick me out a pair of Arizona jeans in every color of the rainbow. I've spent so many years cringing over the pictures of me in school colored jeans and giant coordinating hair bows on school spirit days. After spending the last decade seeking to redeem myself, am I really ready to let go of all the progress I've made? Thanks to the overwhelming amount of inspiring images of stylish girls in hot pink pants popping up on Pinterest lately, I don't think I'm going to have the strength to say no any longer. I definitely foresee the introduction of pink pants to my closet this spring! Here are a few of my inspiration images, and below I've rounded up my favorite pink pants in every price range!


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Well... what do you think? Will you be adding pink pants to your wardrobe this spring?