07 December 2011

Pretty Juxtaposition: Hot Pink in Paris


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If you ever feel the urge to release a thousand pink balloons in front of the Eiffel Tower, I can't imagine a more perfect outfit for the occasion! And on the topic of hosiery: for most of my life I've held the opinion that legwear was reserved for grandmas. I actually have memories of wearing nude-colored hose to church on Easter Sunday one year, resulting in a certain thirteen-year-old boy shouting out "Are you wearing pantyhose?? Weird!" from way across the Sunday school classroom. (Scarred for life.) Yet, these days I feel absurdly naked if I leave the house past September with bare legs revealed. None of my friends back home collect stylish stockings the way I've begun to in the last year. So is hosiery an East Coast thing? Does this recent change in my wardrobe signify my transition from girl to woman? Or am I just that easily influenced by the fashion on Gossip Girl?

Out of pure curiosity, do you wear hosiery? If so, how old were you when you discovered the possibilities that stylish stockings can add to your fall/winter outfits?