19 December 2011

Gifts for Your BFF

She borrows/steals your clothes and finishes your sentences. Sometimes in public, people even mistake her for your twin. Whether she's your best friend forever, your sister, or both, the best way to know what she wants for Christmas is to ask yourself the same thing! Here are some perfect little gifts that are sure to brighten her holiday season!


1. Gossip Girl: The Complete Fourth Season, $50 / 2. Kate Spade Sparkler Missy, $155 / 3. Bobbi Brown 20th Anniversary Lip Palette, $60 / 4. Kate Spade Gold Playing Cards, $18 / 5. Castle Key Bottle Opener, $12 / 6. J.Crew Hearthstone snood, $40 / 7. J.Crew Cashmere gloves, $58 / 8. Madewell Animal Print Happy Socks, $12 / 9. Anthropologie Valise Journal, $24 / 10. Vintage Cocktails, by Assouline, $50 / 11. Kate Spade Mint Julep Cocktail Ring, $78 / 12. Anthropologie Monogrammed Mug, $6

This season, I'm coming up with gift guides for all of the interesting characters on your Christmas list! So far we've covered the Budding Francophile, the Park Avenue Princess, the Modern Gentleman, and the BFF. Anyone else you'd like me to include?