18 November 2011

Interior Design Bingo -- Day 9: Contrasting Colors


Agonizing over the accurate definition of "contrasting colors" versus "complementary colors" might just be the consequence of way too many units of Color Theory in college. But regardless of whether this photo is appropriate or not, I decided to show it to you! While doing some exploring around the Mid-Atlantic region last week, we stumbled across Briggs Museum of American Art in Dover, Delaware.  They had a great collection of colonial furniture, but what really struck me was when I turned the corner into this gallery room.  The combination of such a saturated shade of royal blue with the mahogany wood and gilt details was just so striking and unexpected to me. I know that some would view this combination as classic, but when it comes to interior design, I tend to gravitate toward neutrals and black or white painted furniture.  (Maybe the fact that I chose to paint my childhood room Pepto-Bismol pink might have something to do with this?) Anyway, I am gradually opening up to mixing different types of woods, and this gallery also inspired me to one day experiment with brighter paint again-- maybe on an accent wall, or in a very, very small room. :)

P.S. I'm trying my best to keep up on Interior Design Bingo! Photo challenges are harder than they look!