29 November 2011

Holiday Cards from Shutterfly

Considering both my obsession with stylish paper products and the fact that I am a five-year-old when it comes to Christmas, it may not come as a surprise that Christmas cards are my favorite! Most of the time, I am a big advocate of making my own cards, but during the holiday season, I like checking things off my to-do list as much as anyone. The less I have on my to-do list means the more time I have to devote to making meaningful memories with family and friends and truly getting into the Christmas spirit. When it comes to my Christmas cards, I turn to Shutterfly. Not only do they offer a fabulous selection of beautifully designed Christmas cards, but Shutterfly also provides even more ways to check items off of your to-do list, including party invitations and photo gifts. In my opinion, photo gifts can be beyond cheesy, but the ones offered by Shutterfly, especially the Pewter Ornament and the Woven Photo Blanket, are not only convenient to give, but quality gifts I'd personally love to receive!
For our Christmas card last year, I chose a design that featured space for multiple photos. This was the perfect option because I was having trouble choosing just one photo to represent our busy year. 2011 has been nowhere near as eventful as 2010, so this year, I think we'll stick with one photo! I'm running a little behind and still haven't chosen a design. But as of right now, these are my front-runners for 2011:


I'd love some input from my favorite blog readers! Which of my favorite designs is your favorite? I'll let you know which one I pick, for sure!

Which Shutterfly design should I use for our 2011 Christmas card?
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Disclaimer: I'm writing this post as part of Shutterfly's Holiday Promotion for bloggers, and in return I'll receive free cards. I always like to be straight-up about stuff like this, but I promise I'd be ordering Shutterfly cards anyway! :)