09 September 2011

Searching for Our First Furry Friend: The Poodle


1. Tumblr (specific source unknown) / 2. Patina Stores / 3. William Waldron

Brandon and I are approaching a stage of life in which we finally feel ready to have a dog of our very own!  I absolutely adore dogs and have had 4 over the course of my life, all of whom I've been head over heels for. (Brandon's never had one of his own, but he's certainly bonded with my family's pets over the years.) I don't think there's a doggy face in the world I couldn't love, but unfortunately I can't rescue all the homeless puppies!  So we are starting to narrow them down and decide on a breed that we connect with and can see fitting into our little family in the near future. 

One breed we're seriously considering is the Poodle. Considered the second most intelligent breed, after the Collie, the Poodle is skillful in dog sports and is considered an energetic people pleaser, due to centuries as circus performers.  It would be the perfect breed for me to walk around the neighborhood on a fancy collar, and it certainly connects with my inner Francophile.  As evidenced above, they also look quite comfortable in stylish interiors. 

If you are interested in adding a sweet, furry friend to your life check out Petfinder.com. (But only if you're capable of providing a loving, forever home!)

Do you have any Poodle experiences or associations to share?