22 October 2010

Not in California Anymore

I used to claim to love rain.  But after these past couple of months of living in Maryland, I'm forced to admit that up until recently, I didn't even know rain.  Seriously.  A few weeks ago, it was raining outside, and all I had to do was walk from our house to my car, which was parked around the corner, in order to drive to work.  But somehow, by the time I reached my car, I was drenched up to my thighs! And my hair looked like I'd just gotten out of the shower! What?? And yes, I had an umbrella!

After calling home to complain, I guess my family decided to feel bad for me.  Brandon's parents ordered me a pair of Burberry rainboots!  Yaaaay!


And my parents quickly followed that up with a raincoat! (Up until this point, I didn't own a raincoat.  Or rainboots.  So these were technically "needs."  And I feel super blessed that I didn't have to pay for them myself, because at the time I was broke.  In case you're concerned, now that I'm working, Brandon and I are gradually becoming less broke.)

So anyway, I was so psyched about my new rain gear, that on the next rainy day we had, I was determined to go for a walk in the rain to test out my new look!  (Terrible idea!!) We barely got halfway down our street before I wanted to turn around and hurry back home.  I had envisioned some playful splashing around in puddles...  not a torrential downpour.


Sadly, those pictures do not even capture how intense the rain is here.  And of course all the native Marylanders are all like, "Oh, this rain?  This isn't normal for us!"  Whatever.  That's also what they say about the blizzards that snowed D.C. in last year.  I don't know what I'm going to do when it starts snowing.

In summary, it rains a lot where we live now.  Was that worthy of a blog post?  Apparently.

Do you like my new rain gear?