24 November 2013

Holiday Cards by Minted

Every single year at about this time, I find myself scrambling to put together our Christmas cards. In my experience, it always feels too early to think about the holidays until all of a sudden, I'm running out of time! Last year, the holiday season coincided with our crazy remodel and the busy season at my work, so let's just say that our 2012 Christmas cards never quite materialized. It was a bummer to not send out cards for the first time since we've been married, but I promised myself I'd make up for it this year!

 photo bf41dd7062505e2f4f9c3b9e7ef5fa30-1_zpsf5e283ae.jpg

Ideally, I'd like to make my own cards. It's hard to find Christmas cards that meet my high expectations for design and paper quality. But although I have the design background and the resources, at this time of year especially, I can never find the time! That's where Minted comes in! Have you heard of them? With the holidays approaching, I thought this was the perfect time to introduce you to one of my favorite stationery companies. Minted is on a mission to find exceptional artists and designers all over the world and bring their work to consumers who appreciate great design. In addition to stocking truly original designs, Minted is also a haven for paper lovers like me. They print their designs on a variety of thick, luxurious paper stocks. And this year, they've even introduced foil pressing! All of this makes me one very happy customer!

I could browse their photo Christmas card designs for hours, (and sometimes I do!) but I'd love to save you the trouble and show you my very favorite designs available this year! 

 photo MIN-II1-HFS-001_A_PZ_zpse820c010.jpg
 photo MIN-5P4-CHR-001HOLIDAY_A_PZ_zpsbdfaa32f.jpg
 photo MIN-X74-CHR-001CHRISTMAS_A_PZ_zpsfdeffcdd.jpg
 photo MIN-IL3-HFS-001_B_PZ_zpsc5572d50.jpg

Links: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Since I haven't been able to find a standout photo of us so far, I'm also debating going the more traditional route with a photo-less card. A part of me feels like that when it comes to Christmas cards, most people look forward to seeing a recent photo. But these designs, especially the retro-inspired ones, might just win me over! They couldn't be more charming!

 photo MIN-GF1-HNP-001CHRISTMAS_A_PZ_zpsf8e73e8b.jpg
 photo MIN-HV0-HNP-001CHRISTMAS_C_PZ_zps0b3afbc9.jpg
 photo MIN-FY6-HNP-001CHRISTMAS_A_PZ_zpsf69d62dc.jpg
 photo MIN-FZ4-HNP-001CHRISTMAS_A_PZ_zps4a510252.jpg

Links: 12 / 3 / 4

I also want to introduce you fellow-readers-of-blogs to Julep, a well-designed blog created by Minted and filled to the brim with inspiration for home, weddings, and parties! You all know how much I love decorating for the holidays. Two inspirational DIY projects I've found on Julep for Thanksgiving are the Paper Pumpkin Centerpiece and instructions on How to Gold-Leaf a Pumpkin. Considering that gold-leaf and pumpkins happen to be two of my favorite things, the likelihood of me recreating these is about 100%! I look forward to seeing the Christmas projects and inspiration they post in the coming weeks!

All of the above designs are actually the ones I'm considering for our personal Christmas cards this year. I'd love to hear which ones are your favorites! And I'll make sure to share our Christmas card with you on the blog once they arrive! As this week is kind of the official kickoff of the holiday season, I wish you all lots of fun decorating, cooking, and watching favorite Christmas movies with your family and friends!

xoxo, bri

*Edit- Here it is... our 2013 Christmas card! I was very impressed with the quality of the cards and loved the foil pressing. Thanks so much for your input, and I wish all of you a holly, jolly Christmas!

 photo 2013christmascard_zpsf77ed70f.jpg

Full Disclosure: I partnered with Minted on this post and will be receiving credit from them in exchange.  I would be sharing this wonderful company with you regardless, but I try my best to be transparent regarding these things.  Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Longtime lurker/regular here! I've been following your blog since you posted a link to it on WeddingBee (I got married around the same time you did so I was following your wedding planning) - I wanted to keep following your impeccable taste! I've migrated over to Feedly so I'm able to keep up with my blogs just like the good old days of Google Reader. Do you plan on doing any gift guides this holiday season? I have loved them in the past!

  2. Yay! I've been following along on Pinterest and Instagram :) Happy to see you back!!

  3. I'm still here! Please post again! We have missed you!

  4. I'm still here! Thank goodness for the easy migration to Bloglovin!

  5. I don't want to sound creepy, but I've been checking your blog every week since your last post in May, hoping that you updated! (: So yes, I'm still here and super excited that you're blogging again!

  6. Haha, totally not creepy! That makes me happy! Thanks for sticking around! :)

  7. Christina, thanks for the comment! I feel so honored that you've followed me for so long, and I'm happy to hear that you enjoy my gift guides! I know these weeks before Christmas are already flying by, but I will totally try to get on this soon! Any special requests?

  8. I'm glad you are back in the blogging world!

  9. Yes! The "for her" guides are my favorite! Your style is impeccable!