27 October 2012

Pretty Juxtaposition: New Modern


Image Sources: Dress / Rug (on sale!)

It's been quite a while since I've posted in my Juxtapositions series, but these are among my favorite posts to assemble. I've always experienced such happiness at finding similar patterns and themes running through unrelated realms. I love to see two objects or images complement each other. This rug is on my wish list for our new house, so when I viewed the Sportmax collection from Milan's Fashion Week, I loved the way this dressed shared the same vibe as my favorite rug of the moment. Something I always am drawn toward is a black and white palette done in a fresh, light, delicate way. This dress will not be appearing in my closet anytime soon, but this juxtaposition represents a palette I could certainly live in for a while! xoxo, bri

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