22 October 2012

House Inspiration: Black & White Tiled Floor

Hello and happy Monday! Sorry I disappeared this past week. I was feeling under the weather, so blogging slipped to the bottom of my priority list. I'm so happy to be feeling better and back on the blog! I know you guys are waiting for house updates and photos, so I hate to hold out even longer-- but let me promise you, you're not missing anything pretty! Soon after receiving the keys to our new house, we began ripping it apart. (Proof that we just might be crazy!) Right now the place is looking more like a construction zone than home sweet home. Just imagine concrete, drywall and lots of dust and debris. Seriously, like HGTV status. I promise that as soon as things start coming together, I'll take you on a "before and after" tour, room by room. Until then, I hope you'll be entertained by my remodel inspiration!

A feature I've always been drawn to is black and white tiled floors. It's a look that's so classic, yet it also adds a graphic pattern to my neutral decorating palette.  I've dreamed of having a kitchen with this flooring someday, but in our new house, it just wasn't working with the layout. When you enter through our front door, a path leads from the entry way through the kitchen, all the way into the dining room. We've decided to run our wood flooring all the way through this area, instead of breaking it up with the checkerboard floor of my dreams. I tried to let it go, but then I had the idea of doing my black and white floor in the laundry room instead! What can I say? I'm determined! We're moving forward with that, and I'm so excited about my cute little laundry room!

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So what do you think of my fixation with black and white tiled floors? Have any of you experienced a remodel? Any words of advice or encouragement to get me through?


  1. Good luck! I'm sure it seems like a total disaster zone right now but when you're finished (at least finished with the big stuff; little stuff NEVER seems to get done does it?) you'll be SO glad you did all this. You're making your house into a home!

  2. The tiled floors are so gorgeous. I love that picture with all the coral on the bookshelves! I can't wait to see your laundry room!

  3. I love black and white tiles! I desperately want it in my kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room (like yours)... with pops of colors via accents!

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