24 August 2012

A Good Navy Bag is Hard to Find!

Lately, I've been loving navy. All summer long I've enjoyed pairing it with white for a nautical look. And heading into fall, it still feels fresh, paired with mustard, red, emerald green, maroon... even brown and black. I've convinced myself that the next bag I'm in the market for is a navy one. Everyone complains about navy being the most difficult bag and shoe to find, so I scoured my favorite online stores and gathered up my favorite options. 


  1. I love the Prada and Givenchy bags! Apparently I like the most expensive options.. who knew?

    1. Unfortunately, I have a knack for picking the most expensive options too! But I really am becoming a quality over quantity girl, so in the long run, this is probably a good thing! You have great taste in bags! ;)