21 November 2011

Interior Design Bingo -- Red, A Chandelier, and Midcentury Modern


For "red," I photographed a couple of antique chairs at the Briggs Museum of American Art in Dover, Delaware. I've never really been a red person, but lately I've been more open to wearing red, so who knows, maybe next I'll be searching for a red chair? Probably just the holiday season talking...


For "chandelier," I photographed a gorgeous antique Waterford chandelier inside the dining room at the Chase-Lloyd House in Annapolis, Maryland. I love chandeliers so much-- like so much that I even like them in kitchens and bathrooms...  I bought the perfect chandelier in Asheville, North Carolina a couple years ago on our way out to Maryland, but when we arrived at our new apartment, we realized that all of the lights were those pendant attachments you hook into recessed lights left over from 1989. They sure tricked us. Can't wait to find the perfect place for my chandelier someday! It's been sitting in a box for so long now, I've almost forgotten what it looks like...


For "mid-century modern," I chose a photograph I took of a midcentury cabinet at Crumpton Antique Auction. I am not really a mid-century modern fan, so there's no examples of this style in our home, nor will there be anytime soon. I love seeing other people's interpretations though!

I feel like I've been working so hard to catch up on the Interior Design Bingo photo challenge. How is it possible that I'm still five days behind?? Anyway, I think I'm done for the day, especially because Gossip Girl's on in like five minutes! I love Mondays. :)

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