21 November 2011

Interior Design Bingo -- Day 10: Vintage


Good morning and happy Monday! It's been a relaxing and productive weekend, and now it's onward with Thanksgiving week, and the Interior Design Bingo photo challenge! :) A lot of items in our home are "vintage," but I decided to photograph my husband Brandon's record collection.  (AKA the Maryland part of his record collection... we have three times this many waiting for us in storage back in California.) Records may be thin, but when you have a lot of them, they take up quite a lot of room. To be honest, I used to cringe when B brought more records into the house, but I've gradually come to embrace his favorite hobby. It could be worse, right? Records are quite inexpensive to collect these days, and he doesn't question any of my hobbies... the least I could do is allow him a space in our house to store and display his collection! Fortunately, the two apartments we've lived in together so far have included built-in shelving. Since most of our possessions are books and records, I don't know what we would do without this storage feature. When we eventually buy a home, if it doesn't come with built-in shelving, adding shelves will most likely be my first project.

Through interior design magazines, blogs, Pinterest, etc., I see a lot of inspiration and examples for arranging an attractive bookcase. I've realized that I have seen very little inspiration for displaying records in a way that is aesthetically pleasing, (which is my nice way of saying in a way that doesn't remind me of a dirty record store.) Today, I actually tried to find some examples, but honestly, I found none that excited me. Most people seem to have a small collection that only requires a few square feet of space. Those with larger collections seem to live in contemporary loft spaces, a la Rufus Humphrey. I'd love to find examples of record collections in traditional, stylish homes... maybe I'll have to be the first?  Anyway, here are a few examples I managed to find blog-worthy:


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Do you, or does anyone you know, have a large record collection? I'm totally curious to see more inspiration and ideas!

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  1. My cousin is a big collector of records and has a room with a wall of shelving for it. I have to agree with you, it reminds me of a record store.