21 October 2011

Get the Runway Look: Colorful Separates


Another trend I just loved on the Spring 2012 runways was colorful separates, especially the explosion of sherbet shades.  Although it's not a new concept, not many women have a bright blazer in their closet. (I certainly don't!) I absolutely love playing with color, and am always up for a challenge, so pairing a bold blazer with an equally colorful pant gets me a little excited inside. But we all have those days when we're just not up for making a fashion statement, or the potential risk of looking like a clown... literally.  This is a trend that can definitely be approached in a more subtle way... like mixing a bright blazer or top with a neutral pant.  For example, some of my favorite combinations right now are coral/camel, turquoise/black, and mustard/denim.

Here are some more accessible pieces that will send you on your way to injecting color into your spring wardrobe, or if you're daring, maybe even your fall wardrobe! As always, accessorizing is subjective, but I like the idea of camel, nude, or cream shoes with delicate metallic jewelry.


Personally, I predict that this whole concept of playing with color, (color-blocking, juxtaposing unexpected hues, etc.) will be the defining fashion trend of this decade. What do you think? Do you see color sticking around?


  1. I hope color sticks around forever and ever!

  2. Those melon hued matchstick pants are calling my name. And hooray for supercalifragilipstick!

    Happy happy weekend, my dear!

  3. Great post, Bri, thank you for sharing !
    I am loving the mustard and coral pieces this season, I have always been a big believer in the mood-enhancing power of colour and am overjoyed that this Autumn/Winter season we get to experiment with some more adventurous colour combinations! As a cheap way to incorporate this season's hues in my outfit, I have invested in a few pairs of colourful opaque tights and big, wooly scarves - for EU readers, found at COS(http://www.cosstores.com/Store/Women/All/7084.1) - also loving their accessories!

  4. Steph: Me too! That's definitely the one I'd have the easiest time wearing!

    Kimberly Michelle: I hope so too.

    Sylvie: Yay, melon pants and supercalifragilipstick! Hope you had a lovely weekend as well!

    Francesca: Cool, I have actually never heard of COS before! (I love H&M though!) You lucky Europeans! :)