08 September 2011

Dear ZARA,


As of yesterday, September 7, 2011, Americans can now shop online at Zara!! I am beyond excited about this because I think that Zara is about as close as you can get to having a high fashion look on a budget. And there are a lot of us who don't live in the big cities where their stores are located. To celebrate this exciting launch, Zara's web site is featuring a curated series of 50 photographs entitled Dear America. I think they're really great and worth looking at.

Here are my very favorite Zara pieces.  If only I had the funds to incorporate each of them into my closet this season:



1. Draped top, $49.90 / 2. Sequinned T-Shirt, $35.90 / 3. Printed Shirt, $49.90 / 4. Top with Peter Pan Collar, $79.90 / 5. Varnish Effect Blazer, $89.90 / 6. Leopard Coat, $99.90 / 7. Zip-Up Coat, $129.00 / 8. Boyfriend Coat, $89.90 / 9. Jersey Dress, $59.90 / 10. Lace Dress, $59.90 / 11. Dress with Flared Skirt, $79.90 / 12. Sequinned Dress, $159.00 / 13. Evase' Mini Skirt, $59.90 / 14. Palazzo Trousers, $79.90 / 15. Fantasy Mini Skirt, $79.90 / 16. Skinny Trousers, $59.90

I'd like to add that my blog has absolutely no association with Zara, and I am not the kind of blogger that designers send free stuff to.  (Wouldn't that be the day?! Zara, if you're out there, I started shopping at your store almost a decade ago, so if you're in the mood to send out some free stuff, I totally think that I'm a deserving candidate!)

So, which piece do you wish you could add to your fall wardrobe?


  1. I am so lucky as here in Toronto within a 2km radius of where I live there are 3 Zara stores!

  2. I've never heard of Zara - beautiful clothes!

  3. My Favorites:

    Even though these items are for fashonistas on a budget, I would still need to budget for one item here. Did I ever mention how much I love Ross and Marshalls in Arroyo Grande?

  4. P.S. I love the Marshalls in Arroyo Grande!