02 September 2011

And... Lights!!

I spent pretty much the whole week disguised in hats, sunglasses, and lots of perfume, which possibly could have led people to mistake me for a celebrity.  But in reality I was just hoping no one would notice we lacked a functioning shower.


Today the power is officially back on, our refrigerator is restocked, and I am feeling ready for a relaxing, natural-disaster-free weekend at home! Do any of you have exciting plans for the holiday weekend that you'll allow me to live vicariously through?


  1. Hubby's percussion group is performing at a big event tonight, and he got me a backstage pass to see them play + some comedian guy, as long as I pretend I'm lugging equipment. ^_^ (I promise it's not as glamorous as it sounds, but this is a little town and it's a big deal, lol.)

  2. Allie: In a small town, I'm sure your weekend will feel as glamorous as it sounds! Hope you have fun! :)