17 August 2011

Scarf This Up


Hanneli Mustaparta via Vogue

One of my favorite accessories is the silk scarf.  It's also probably my most forgotten accessory.  Every few years I seem to experience a "Scarf! How did I ever live without you?" moment... which leads me to wrap one around my head or tie one onto my handbag for a few weeks, and then another couple of years pass, the cycle repeats, etc.


Personal photos

However, I feel like in the the last couple seasons, we've seen scarves incorporated into clothing and hair in the freshest, most innovative ways.  I have to admit, it's inspired me to gradually expand my scarf collection.  I love the versatility of the scarf; the way it can be very young and sort of European tourist/boho-chic when worn around the neck. And yet wrapped around someone else's head, it appears very vintage, almost Audrey Hepburn-esque.  I'm also a big fan of the exotic scarf-as-turban look. Designer scarves are my favorites, because although a classic Hermés scarf is a splurge, it's far less of a splurge than a Birkin bag.  In my opinion, a scarf is one of the most affordable ways to add a stylish designer touch to an otherwise nameless (AKA cheap) ensemble.


Photo by Phil Oh via Vogue


Thakoon Fall 2011 via Honestly...WTF

What is your most-loved or most-forgotten fashion accessory?


  1. Not digging the bun scarf on top of the head look. I like YOUR fashion photos though! it seems the others are trying too hard. You, my good friend, make style look effortless!

  2. I pick up silk scarves at thrift stores all the time and rarely wear them.. You may have inspired me to pull some out!



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