15 July 2011

"All was well."


Photos from Teen Vogue, 2007

Does today feel like the end of an era to anyone else? Thanks, Harry Potter, for always giving me something to look forward to for the past thirteen years!


  1. yeah...i'm a little sad. it's like today is the first day of the end...

  2. It definitely feels weird to not have another movie to look forward to :( I went to see the movie at midnight and there were people sobbing loudly throughout the whole movie because they didn't want it to be over.

  3. @Tabitha, WOW I'm glad people weren't sobbing in our theatre. Quite the opposite ... it was DEAD SILENT the entire movie, except for cheering and laughing at the appropriate moments. It was intense.

  4. Love this! It's true; those books/movies have given me something to look forward to for nearly half of my life...it's been a wonderful journey :)

  5. Tabitha: Sobbing? I am definitely HP obsessed, but that would have been more than a little awkward...

    Allie: My theatre was more like yours. Some of the most intense silence I've experienced.

    Alexis and Julia: I'm so sad it's over, but it really has been a wonderful journey! :)

  6. I'm in pieces. I am glad you titled your post to match my tat! lol. I have already seen it twice and am craving another go. I can't believe it is over and that I will never get to see Ron and Hermione get any more awkward. All there is left to do is remain obsessed and move on to another series in which to get so heavily into that it gives you nightmares....The Hunger Games. I'm not joking Bri. you MUST read! OH! PS. I figured out how to "Lend" books on KINDLE! I don't have the first book in the series, but let me know when you are ready for #2 and #3 and i'll lend them to you via Kindle like all the cool peeps do!
    Much love from Cali!

  7. LOVED the movie... I didn't know that I was going to miss these characters so much until it was all over. I have been reading the books since 1998 and it was time to send them off with a bang- we went out to the double feature opening night, it was a blast. the audience was applauding and laughing at all the right parts.