09 July 2011



We celebrated the Fourth of July (along with plenty of other people) in Annapolis last week.  I find that living here makes me feel a lot more American than I ever felt living in California. I guess that makes sense, considering that people like George Washington and the signers of the "Declaration of Independence" once walked the city's brick streets. I've always been a cheesy kind of person who dresses up to match holidays and events. (For example, somehow dressing in team colors makes the Super Bowl a little bit more worth watching for someone who doesn't like football. And movies just have a way of feeling more magical when you attend them in an outfit inspired by one of the characters. Make sense?) Basically, I've always wanted an old-fashioned, Pollyanna style 4th of July, and this year, I kind of felt like finally I got it!

How did you spend your Fourth?

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