11 May 2011

Time to Decorate!

Now that I shared my negative feelings about moving, it's time to try to focus on the positive! Our new condo has some outdated aspects, but it does have a more open layout.  The walls are covered in hideous colors, but nothing a few coats of paint can't fix!  We never painted our last place, because the walls were already white, so I figured we might as well keep it neutral since we'd only be there for a couple of years.  But I'm a big believer in colors affecting your mood, and I cannot take these colors for much longer.  Also, our last place was semi-decorated, but never had that totally put-together, yet cozy, lived-in look.  After studying some interior design magazines and blogs, I've realized that what we are missing is quirky, personal touches and things like cute pillows... and photos in our still empty frames. ;)  (How embarrassing!)

I'm embarking on a quest to become more self-aware about my own style.  I've never been able to define my taste.  I tend to approach decorating the same way I approach dressing myself and designing our wedding.  Rather than making a plan or choosing a theme, I just pick things that speak to me and cross my fingers that all the elements work together for good! (Does that make me eclectic?) It's been especially fun to combine my style with Brandon's and create a combined identity for us as a married couple.  I tend to go very feminine and French country. I like neutrals with pops of color, stripes, and live plants. Brandon tends to go more traditional and kind of British.  He likes books, records, and antiques. 

Here are some images of rooms that I love and have found their way into my decorating inspiration folder:


Source: brides.com via Brianne on PinterestSource: flickr.com via Brianne on Pinterest

Just out of curiosity, as an outsider, how would you describe my aesthetic?  What is your approach to decorating?


  1. I would say you have very classic tastes with an eclectic twist. In your inspiration pics, Traditional furnishings are paired with unique fabrics (such as the zebra ottoman) and colors (such as the purple splash). It's traditional with a pop of the unexpected.

    I would say start with some traditional pieces, then layer in some bold fabrics and modern prints for the look you want! btw our styles are very similar! I am crushing on the pinstripe wallpaper in the top pics!

  2. I really love all of those inspiration photos! I agree with Katie - your style seems to be relatively traditional with a bit of a whimsical twist to it.

  3. Gorgeous inspiration photos! I may just steal some of them for our upcoming home :) I agree with Katie...very classical taste, but occasionally with a modern twist to add a little color and spice!

  4. My 2 cents: I usually find a piece that I absolutely LOVE (a pillow, bedspread, rug, painting, etc.) and make the room fit into that piece. Doesn't mean it has to absolutely match, but it must be complimented! You will do great. Find a piece that both you and B love and can use as the heart of your design for any particular room :) My first suggestion for the kitchen? Design your kitchen around that fabulous mixer and matching Le Creuset pot that stole me heart :) Miss you!

  5. Katie: Thanks for the observations! I totally agree! I always love the irony of something quirky and unexpected tucked into a really traditional setting.

    Amanda and Julia: It's cool how everyone agrees. I've always found it interesting to find out how I'm interpreted by other people. That's definitely one of the fun interactions that come with blogging! Thanks for commenting! :)

    Cassie: I know myself enough to know that I'll most likely stick to my way of doing things, since I don't like things to be too matchy, but I just enjoy hearing other people's approaches! I totally agree with you on the kitchen! All of my kitchen stuff is that same aqua color (not just the mixer and pot), and my original plan was to have a black, white, and aqua vintagey kitchen. But the way life works when you're young and poor, is that your kitchen is never as cute as you'd planned. Our new kitchen has Tuscan tile and coral countertops, so it's hard to get the look I was going for! I dream of having an all white kitchen someday, with big windows/lots of natural light! Miss you too! :)

  6. I'd sum it up as: ornate details on fireplaces, frames, moldings and trim; chandeliers; neutrals with splashes of colors found in nature. The built-in details you'd find in an old well-kept home, with some modern touches thrown in (the wall of frames, the animal print bench, the purple). Also you seem to like some fresh greenery/flowers in each room.

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    In fact, I like it so much that I think I'll follow you.

    Oh and P.S. I would say that you have an eclectic design aesthetic. And I love it, because that's my style too! And my approach to decorating is to follow your heart and do what YOU like, even if it might not be trendy. :)

    Thanks for letting me visit!


  8. Jessica: Hi! What a funny coincidence! I'm (kind of) sorry I took your blog name! ;) But I'm so happy that it let you to me! I just followed your link and I love your blog as well! You are so cute and stylish! Hope you find an unbelievably cool new blog name!