04 March 2011


Spotted this video on the Kate Spade facebook feed and thought it was super cool.  I like to organize my books by color and size.  Brandon is also very systematic and semi-obsessive in how he organizes his.  I'm staring at them right now, trying to recognize a pattern.  I'm thinking... genre, maybe?

Speaking of books, I'm thinking of getting a Kindle or a Nook.  (Oh, the irony...)


Do you have an e-reader?  Which one do you think is better?  GO!


  1. I would recommend a Nook, just for the simple fact that you can check out books from the library--Amazon prohibits this. So, you can get free books instead of paying for everything you want to read. The color Nook is really cook, but if you want to read outside, you should get the basic black and white Nook so you can see the screen.

    If you do get a Nook, I would suggest joining the Free Library of Philly ($15/year if you don't live in Philly). They have the largest ebook library and you can find just about anything you want to read.

  2. That video is totally awesome, and really makes me want to go re-arrange my bookcase!

  3. Anonymous: Thanks for the tip on the Free Library of Philly! If I get a Nook, I'll totally be taking advantage of that! :)

  4. Mr and I went back & forth on the Nook/NOOKColor/Kindle for about a month. We ended with the NOOKColor, and I LOVE it. Mr has an Android systems mobile phone and thats the system it operates on, we can sinc the two and voila the NOOKColor has some added applications. I call it my Fisher Price iPad, LOL If you choose an E-Reader I hope you choose a Nook, regardless you'll love the one you choose. They're so convenient!

  5. I don't know anything about the Nook, but I LOVE my Kindle. The batteries last forever, Amazon has great prices for Kindle books and the 3G is really fast. I've had one since the first generation, but I have the Kindle 3 now. It's soooo thin and light! I'm obsessed.